Our services

PROBANT offers a complete range of services for managing security issues


  • Creating programs for cybersecurity, analytics, protection of personal information, money laundering detection and management, and fraud
  • Providing strategic advice: organizational structure, market watch (beaconing), technological development
  • Developing and deploying roadmaps
  • Developing Dashboards
  • Developing artificial intelligence models in detection and prevention

Incident response

  • Crisis management and coordination (fraud, ransomware and other cyber incidents)
  • Incident response (IT security, cyber attack, etc.)
  • Incident follow-up and post-mortems
  • Cyber threat intelligence, cyber investigation, penetration testing
  • E-Discovery, computer forensics

Specialized resources

  • Fraud, cybercrime, cybersecurity, data, anti-money laundering, personal information protection


  • Auditing of IT security programs (e.g., cybersecurity)
  • Auditing of models and dashboards
  • Operational risk analysis (e.g., ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR)
  • Developing policies and procedures (e.g., information security, fraud, cybersecurity, AML)

Workshops and simulation exercises

  • Security training and awareness
  • Corporate fraud risk-management workshops
  • Cybersecurity and security incidents simulation exercises

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